Creative luxury dedicated
to the arts of personalization

Since 2011, the Label Noir brand has chosen personalization and its plural arts as its credo, in compliance with watchmaking History and its fundamentals.

With its master craftsmanship and the most prestigious techniques, the brand fulfils both conventional desires and the most extravagant follies. On his way, memorable encounters, confessions expressed through manufacturing options. The achievement of human or technical challenges.

Distinguished Watchmaker...

Emmanuel Curti is a watchmaker at the helm of Label Noir, having forged his skills on the workbenches and decision-making offices of three of Switzerland’s leading watch manufacturers. Coming from the additional worlds of restoration, quality control or new products development, he has a passion for the plural arts of personalization.

Collectors love him, they share their passion for iconic models that he does not hesitate to metamorphose and customize.

Label Noir SA is an independent company. Label Noir SA is not associated or affiliated with Rolex SA, Patek Philippe SA or Audemars Piguet SA.

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