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LABEL NOIR, «creative luxury dedicated to the arts of personalization »

Established in 2011, the LABEL NOIR brand has chosen personalization and its plural arts as its credo, in compliance with watchmaking History and its fundamentals.

It demands the most rigorous of minutiae, respect for skills and historical data, as well as the ethical safeguard of a faith profession that enshrines the swiss made as an absolute reference.

It contributes to the destructuring of codes while encouraging creative exploration and asserts in high-end fashion the most extraordinary mastery of the watchmaking sector: calibers and complications, casing and finishings (from the watch case in any material to the most subtle embellishments), treatments and coatings, from the most traditional to the most avant-garde.

LABEL NOIR has a broad understanding of these iconic objects, which ensures it never to yield to pressure or fall into the trap of dubious solicitations. or misguided forms of disguised counterfeiting.


"No brand or model can resist the wishes of customization enthusiasts !"


Rolex Miglauss 116400 Label Noir Design 1
Rolex Miglauss 116400 Label Noir Design 2
Rolex Miglauss 116400 Label Noir Design 3
Rolex Miglauss 116400 Label Noir Design 4